ALLIANCE / Referral Partner

Internet marketing professional or firm that can send targeted traffic toward Us. You will be writing reviews and feedback about our product/ services or placing an ad for us in your respective country. Whenever an ad is clicked and the prospective buyer performs a specific activity on our site leading to sales and/ or registers itself with us to become a prospective lead, you will be Given a commission % depending on the type of action performed by the referred user.


Our Business Development Partner program is designed to share Creative’s vision, products, and solutions with any Prospective Leads, Systems Integrators and ERP Solutions Partners Planning to deliver similar solutions throughout USA, EMEA, Europe and Australia. The revenue share is sometimes more than 40% depending upon the total Leads Referred by the individual or firm and are given option/ flexibility to Customize our prices.


If you think and Sure off that our services will add value to your clients, then this partnership is Purely tailor-made for you. Enhance your offers and increase your engagement with your clients through us. Any Professional can join this partnership and earn revenue as well as become a brandmarketier to your clients, That will Strengthen your Relationship with them.

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